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Formed is a great way to learn about and grow in the Catholic Faith. Saint Julian/Saint Anthony Parishes have made this wonderful resource available to anyone in our area for FREE. All you have to do is follow the easy steps below and you will have instant access to 1000's of free resources, movies, books, and so much more!



Step 1: Visit

From your computer, phone or tablet visit to get started. 


Once you have arrived at the homepage, click the  "Sign Up" button located in the middle of the screen. 

Step 2


Once you have clicked the "Sign Up" button from Step 1, a box will appear with three options to sign up. Click the box that says "I belong to a Parish or Organization" to proceed. 

Step 3: Find Your Parish or Organization


On this screen, you will need to selection Saint Julian/Saint Anthony from the list of parishes.

In the box under "Find your Parish or Organization" just type in "Saint Julian".


The first option to appear will be "St Julian Church".

Once the option to select St Julian Church appears just click on it as illustrated below. 

Step 4: Create Your Account


All that is left to do is enter your name and your email address. Once you have done that, click the "Sign Up" button.


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